Words put in their place

Words can be tricky little blighters, and when you want to make a good impression its best to hire a word wrangler. I can deliver Books, Tutorials or article based projects on time and to the specified word or page count. Regardless if your needs are in an depth book on the latest technology trend or a jaunty article about a fine eatery I've got the words to hand.

Writing Services

  • Articles

    Need a technical article written for your blog, magazine or journal? Contact me now.

  • Books

    Need a whole lot of words written? I'm your man. I've had three books published with more on the way

  • Tutorials

    Got something awesome and need it explained? I can write concise technical tutorials to explain it.


Words can be tricky little blighters, forever changing meaning or being unclear

  • Automation
  • Transformation
  • Consultancy
  • Recruitment

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