Who am I?

I'm Michael Duffy, I'm a writer, platform/DevOps Engineer, Technical consultant, Developer, Co-Founder or CTO depending what day you catch me. Let's just say I've been around the block enough times to get dizzy. I've worked with companies ranging from the 'Holy shiznitz that's big' to the 'That's barely a company' size organisations across industries as diverse as publishing, automation, porn, telecoms, finance and more besides. In the course of my travles I've come to appreciate the challenges and innovations that appear in the most unassuming of places, and built a fair amount of experience.

That being said, technology and the industries that use it evolve daily, and so does my knowledge.

This site is my place to share that knowledge. You'll find a collection of tutorials, general industry knowledge and my highly opinionated views. For those of you who are willing to risk the princely sum of GBP 0.99 you'll get access to even more content on a more frequent basis, exclusive tutorials and a running commentary on what's important in the tech news.

Think of me as a technical court Jester. A ridiculously dressed person who's willing to poke fun at power and offer an unvarnished and slightly cynical view on the tech world.